AHA! Circuits

Aggregated High Availability Circuits

Multiple loops are combined to enhance the telecom service level. The end user can achieve redundancy, ultra-high bandwidth, enhanced private wire functionality and increased security typically only available to very large companies.


Although the T-1 circuit is the grand-daddy of high-speed telecom services (first deployed in 1962), the circuits have been known to exhibit instability on occasion. Redundant circuits reduce the risk inherent in systems that possess single point of failure properties such as DSL, cable or a single T-1. Accesscom's AHA! Circuit is the industry's most dependable "last mile" wireline solution.

Ultra-High Bandwidth

Various link and routing protocols (Multi-link PPP, EIGRP and SHDSL Layer 2 protocols) are utilized to combine bandwidth from multiple circuits to provide a single "Fat Pipe" for your private network or for high bandwidth Internet access. Speeds up to 45 Mbps are possible. Priced competitively, when you consider the local loop and bandwidth charges are included, it is easy to see that AccessCom's AHA! Circuit is the absolute best value in the marketplace today to meet higher bandwidth requirements.

Fully Symmetrical Bandwidth

Unlike cable modems or standard DSL, AccessCom's T-1 and SDSL connectivity provide identical speed both download and upload! Businesses that send large files to vendors or customers, media companies or any business that has multiple locations with interconnected networks can benefit from symmetrical bandwidth. If you are deploying an application from your own server to your field techs, branch offices or your customers, and you require maximum performance you should use AccessCom's AHA! Circuit.

Scalable and Multifunctional

Access to such a stable and robust architecture enables a wide variety of technologies to be deployed: voice, video conferencing, high speed data and private wire security... all over a single aggregated pipe. No matter what your application or how large it gets, AccessCom's AHA! Circuit will alllow your business to ratchet up resources to handle the growth.

Utilize Existing Infrastructure

All over the existing AT&T copper lines!